Friday, January 05, 2007

Broadway Blesses Barbaric Behavior

I'm talking about eating during the show. According to NewYorkology, most Broadway theatres have decided to allow it. And drinking too.

Personally I think that sucks. Not just the sound, but the smell factor. I don't want to smell what other people are eating while in a confined, none-too-well-veentilated space.

What? Am I being a snob? I don't think so!

But enough about me...what do you think about allowing eating during Equus, mastication during Music Man, nutrition during Nunsense?

I remember going to see "Copenhagen" when I was in London and having to listen to the people next to me chomp on their dinner. That was strange getting used to as an American. I guess, that it will be like the movies. Personally, I can't stand any noise in the house when I'm watching live theatre. I find it very annoying.
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