Sunday, December 24, 2006

Time for Top 10s?

The NY Times has a top 10 list for the Broadway season of 2006, and Ben Brantley is uncharacteristically gushing about the overall quality of the year. He mixes both plays and musicals to make his list, and I'm excited to note that Spring Awakening, the Duncan Sheik musical which I've bought tickets for for next month, makes the list. I'm also going to try to see Company from this list, although I hear it's a tough ticket. (Interesting to note he also picks the Harry Connick Jr Pajama Game...Harry's publicist corresponded with me this year and even sent me Harry's latest CD to review, which I did over at the 42nd St. Moon blog.

So, what were your favorite Bay Area productions this year? I reviewing my theatre review list for 2006 I realize i only saw 16 productions the entire year. Wow! That's not much.

My two favorites of the year came early in the year, namely:

The Lion King is always a visual and aural treat (at least when they're singing the African-inspired numbers rather than the pop numbers), so AMT's production early in 2006 is a high point. Our seats are very close, and were right on the newly-installed (and immediately de-installed) aisles at the CPA, so we were really up close and personal to all of the creative splendors.

And I'm not at all biased when I say that Foothill's Urinetown, also early in the year, was my other favorite from this year.

What about you?

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