Friday, December 08, 2006

Another Broadway Musical Bites the Critical Dust

There aren't too many new musicals that are catching a break this year. (Note the quick demise of the Tharp/Dylan project, The Times They Are A' Changin'.) Of course it could be because not too many of them are actually's the same old story, revivals, movie adaptations etc.

The latest victim: High Fidelity.

Great book.

Pretty good movie.

Apparently a really bad musical.

Not just according to the NY Times' Ben Brantley either. Check out the excerpts that NewYorkology provides.

Back when High Fidelity star Will Chase played Captan Crewe in TheatreWorks' production of A Little Princess my review was not critical, but not gushing. The most I could say was that all of the principals had very strong voices. (Which given the caliber TheatreWorks is supposed to represent, and the prices they charge, shouldn't come as a surprise.) It's hard to imagine the rather wooden Captain Crewe I saw being the character in High Fidelity.

So, how long will it run? Probably not as short as the Tharp/Dylan disaster. But I'm betting less than a month.

It's really sad how critics ruin shows.

I saw High Fidelity in Boston, and I even though the first preview was a bit wonky, by the end of it's Boston run it was fantastic. I loved every second of it. It has one of the most exciting scores to hit Broadway in a few years.

I also thought 'The Times they are a Changin" was great too. Not perfect, but I enjoyed the short show.

Boo critics!!!
Critics always have had too much power to close a show. When I lived in NYC in the 80s I thought "Smile" was an entertaining show and deserved a run. Along with others too, I'm sure.
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