Thursday, October 19, 2006

Casting tidbits from Hollywood

Hat tip to Alicia Teeter for pointing me to Dlisted, where they share the latest casting tidbits on the film version of Sweeney Todd.

Tim Burton's muse, Johnny Depp, has long been announced as the Todd-man, but now apparently there are two more bits of news:

-Tim's other muse, partner Helena Bonham Carter will be playing Mrs. Lovett.

-Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Ali G, is apparently up to play Pirelli the barber.

I can live with both of those, how about you?

It's so OBVIOUS.Carter was such an obvious choice! It should have been Toni Collete or Meryl Streep.
Hm. Those are two interesting suggestions. I'm not typically a huge Toni Coleltte fan, although I've liked some of her work more than others. And Meryl Streep might be fine if they went with a more traditional Todd. Once you've got Johnny Depp as Todd I do think it skews the whole thing younger. Which is fine.

One of the things I think few Todds I've seen capture is Todd's sexiness. When I saw Len Cariou in the original production he was hot! Which was disturbing :)
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