Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Chron's Steven Winn waxes poetic about Jessica

Steven Winn has a lengthy article in yesterday's Chronicle extolling the virtues of musical theatre for providing escapist, hopeful entertainment.

At the end of the article, tacked on to the end of a backhanded compliment, Winn closes by praising our own Annie, Jessica Rauum, for epitomizing exactly how a musical can transport us:
Jessica Raaum's lively performance in the lead role exerted a hold. Riding a cattle boat back to New York City in the second act, Annie dreams through Irving Berlin's gorgeous, swooning ballad "I Got Lost in His Arms." The lighting went soft and furry on the Smithwick Theatre stage. The ship scenery floated away. And there was Annie, opening her heart in song.

It may only happen for a few minutes, for a song or part of one. But that's what a musical can do, as Berlin's song affirms; it can transport us back to ourselves: "I got lost, but look what I found.

Let's just leave it there. Congrats Jessica!

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