Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sometimes things don't go quite as planned...

I have a report form Annie Get Your Gun's first dress rehearsal, and it sounds like a typical first dress to me. A little birdie tells me:
Here's a fun one from last night. Monday was our first night with costumes. As we are all aware, the first night can be hectic as we adjust to the costume changes and how it affects our timing, etc. Late in Act II while Annie and Frank were onstage, everyone was busy changing costumes for the last scenes. Well, the scene went quicker than usual, so when it came time for the scene change (for this show the cast is performing most of the changes) one of the cast members got caught (literally) with his pants down. He made his scene change to much hilarity, and finally got to finish his costume change. The show must go on!

Indeed it must! But who new Annie was blue!

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