Monday, July 31, 2006

Final Dress Rehearsal report #1

We had our final dress last night with an audience. Wow, was that awesome to finally have an audience!

Annie had a wardrobe malfunction during "Sun In The Morning". During the song her ball gown bodice progressivelly got unzipped in the back. "Charlie" and "Sitting Bull" watched as the zipper went progressively down her back.

Charlie presumed that Sitting Bull would try to zip her back up when he met up with her at the end of the song. Well, Sitting Bull was so mesmerized by her performance that it went in one eye and out the other. In the wings Charlie and SB confabbed about what to do. Charlie was the next to go on and interact with Annie. He tried to zip her back up and failed.

Meanwhile, Sitting Bull was in the wings trying to figure out what he could do to help her out. In the course of trying to figure it out he missed his cue to come back on stage (fortunately no dialogue.)

Annie finished her scenes, didn't lose her composure, and got kudos from us for dealing with the whole thing without breaking character.

Finally, during the curtain call, Sitting Bull lost his headdress. His last costume change is extremely quick, and he forgot to slip off his wig from the previous scene. So, in the Fianl Shooting Match he entered with 4 pigtails, not 2. When he went to make his bow his headdress slid off his head.

I hate to admit it, but that's the beauty of live theatre - you never know what to expect!

Luckily it is Sitting Bull Steve Completo himself exposing his own missed entrances and more above. Having had a wardrobe malfunction or two in my of which concluded with me just tearing the damn skirt off, throwing it off stage and finishing the number in my crinoline...I can certainly sympathize with Jessica/Annie.

The show most definitely goes on, no matter how improperly clothed we may be!

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