Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Foothill Alum out in the World: Ray Renati

Here is the scoop on Ray's latest show:
WHAT: Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw
WHEN: May 5 - 21
WHERE: The Pear Avenue Theatre, Mountain View, CA
TICKETS: 650-254-1148 or online here
SPECIAL ARTSOPOLIS OFFER: A limited number of seats are still available on opening night for a great discount. Click here and get OPENING NIGHT tickets for only $15.50 (a discount of $9.50)

Drawing room comedy in the hands of radical playwright George Bernard Shaw makes a volatile mix. The mismatch of this delicious 1909 comedy is a decidedly odd couple: lusty Hypatia, the daughter of a free-thinking, philandering father who made a bundle in the underwear business, and her fiancé, a brainy aristocrat. Convention clashes with innovation, parents with children, and a gun-toting socialist is loose on the grounds. With a crash, enter a dashing aviator and a mysterious Polish acrobat in that most modern of marvels, an aeroplane. Who will wind up with whom in this comedy of money, morality, and stuck-up manners? Gala opening includes a champagne reception with the actors.

MORE INFO: At the Pear site

Speaking of Foothill alums, Misalliance also features Justin Weatherby (Hot Blades Harry in Foothill's Urinetown).
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