Monday, March 06, 2006

Another rave review...from

There's only one more weekend of Urinetown left, so if you've been procrastinating, now would be the time to jump on it.

And Judy Richter's review for the site is only going to make getting a seat harder!

One key Excerpt:
In addition to Manley's direction and Risk's choreography, the show benefits from Joe Ragey's flexible set, Julie Engelbrecht's costumes, Kurt Landisman's lighting and Catherine Snider's musical direction. It also is a pleasure to attend a musical theater production where the sound designer (Shane Olbourne) realizes that singers don't have to be miked in an intimate space like the Foothill College Playhouse. Consequently, the singing comes through clearly without the distortion or overamplification that mars so many musicals today.

Nice to spread the credit around. I can assure you Richter also praises the cast and the material in her review. But since hearing the unamplified voice is one of my favorite things about seeing shows in Foothill's smaller space, I thought I'd pull out this closing paragraph of her review.

So remember: for tickets, order Online at Ticket Web or call the box office at (650) 949-7360.

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