Monday, March 27, 2006

Annie get your Gun is cast!

I'm off on a trip to NYC (although unfortunately I don't think I'll even get the chance to see any theatre!) so I don't have time to transcribe the whole list. Lots of new names. If you want to hear the whole cast list, you can hear it via recording at: 650-949-7414

Congrats to Foothill stalwarts Doug Brees and Steve Completo, playing the roles of Charlie and Sitting Bull respectively.

Here's the whole cast:

Annie Oakley: Jessica Raaum
Frank Butler: Byron Westlund
Dolly: Katie O’Bryon
Winnie: Jennifer Martin
Tommy: Ted Zervoulakos
Buffalo Bill: John Musgrave
Chief Sitting Bull: Steve Completo
Charlie: Doug Brees
Foster Wilson: Patrick Kelleher
Jessie: Erin Stevenson
Nellie: Catherine Stevenson
Little Jake: Matt Bertker
Mac: Michael Rhone
Messenger: Gary Stanford
Men’s Trio: Sean O’Connor, Michael Rhone, Gary Stanford

Women’s Ensemble
Jen Coulter*, Patrisha Dwyer, Beverly Hansberry, Elena Larssen*, Peggy Lynch, Lauren Mack, Caren McCreight, Dana Mirsalis, Victoria Morgan*, Nikki Murgo*, Angeline Navarro*, Reggie Reynolds*, Siobban Stevenson*, Nina Vyedin, Nicole Villeneuve.

Men’s Ensemble
Dwight Boyd, Bill Ereñeta, Bobby Giraudo*, Terry Hayes, Daniel Hurst*, Patrick Kelleher*, Jake Locke*, Sean O’Connor*, Roberto Regalado, Michael Rhone, Gary Stanford*, Kevin Stanford*

* Dance Ensemble
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