Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New TheatreWorks season announced

Here's the Merc blurb [reg. Req'd. Sorry.]

But you can also see the list at the TheatreWorks site.

The Merc's take is that women will be "in the spotlight".

My first take is that they should have said "women, as written by men, are in the spotlight."

To be fair, Lynn Ahrens is the book/lyrics person for Dessa Rose. And Joanna McClelland Glass wrote Trying.

My second take is "woo hoo they're doing Follies!"

My third take is to wonder if they'll have Francis Jue back to play in M. Butterfly again?

My first take was "woohoo they're doing Follies"!

And yes, they're bringing Francis Jue back for M. Butterfly. They mention it (buried in the middle of a paragraph) in the description of the show (seen when you click on the show's name on the season announcement page on the Theatreworks site).
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