Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Foothillers loves them some Diana De Garmo

Well, I can't ignore this: two Foothillers, Alicia Teeter and Ray Renati, sent me items about American Idol runner-up Diana De Garmo joining the Broadway cast of Hairspray as best friend Penny Pingleton.

This is probably a much better role for De Garmo than Maria in West Side Story.

So Ray was in WSS with De Garmo, so I know why he pointed me to this. Alicia...what's your excuse?

Diana's very talented and it seems directors and producers are seeing it. Did you know she's also going to be "Brooklyn" in the national touring production of Brooklyn The Musical?
Yeah, her name recognition from Idol has nothing to do with it! :)

Seriously, I did hear that about Brooklyn, but it seems kinda strange...I guess that means her run in Hairspray is a very limited-time? That's a shame...that Penny role is really right up her alley...
Her run on Idol probably hurt her as much as it gave her name recognition. There's a lot of snobbery directed at people who do "reality" tv. Penny hasn't been stunt casted before, I doubt they'd pick her for it (or pick her for Brooklyn) unless they knew she could come through.
My excuse is that I read all the "DeGarmo Discussion" that occurred around AMT's production on your site, so when I saw the news I thought of you! =) ~Alicia
Ohhhh Please. I'll do anything to get on Broadway. If that means riding some crap reality show or the coattails of a sibling. Whatever it takes. I do however relinquish the right to be a Broadway snob about TV/Movie/BoyBand stars taking broadway leads if you have or are currently ON BROADWAY, but to the other 99.999% of opinionated Muth snobs I warn thee many a chorus role await you.
Um, no one here relinquishes the RIGHT to have an OPINION on anything. That's why it's an opinion.

We all, of course, have the right not to agree with or give much credence to people's opinions. But that's an entirely different thing.

Opine away, people.
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