Friday, January 13, 2006

Depp as Todd?

Rumors are flying that Tim Burton will direct Johhny Depp as Sweeney Todd in an impending movie of the Sondheim musical.

I'm a little scared of the singing, it's true. But I will say this: when I saw the original Sweeney with Len Cariou one of the most compelling aspects of the show was how truly sexy Cariou's Sweeney was. Even as you were scared of and loathed him, you kinda wanted to do him. Which made it pretty easy to understand how the horny, amoral Mrs. Lovett could join him in his really macabre mission.

Dangerously sexy: yeah, the Depp's got it, IMHO.

Hat tip: Alicia Teeter

So if Tim Burton directs it safe to assume Mrs. Lovett will be played by Helena Bohnam Carter?
Ah, very good guess!

She might not be half bad, if she can sing...a tad young, though, just like Depp.
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