Saturday, October 15, 2005

If you had but one day in NYC?

I'm leaving for NYC in a couple of hours. And although I'll be there for longer than one day, I'm going on business and really only have one chance to see a show: tomorrow's matinee.

If you had only one shot to see a Broadway show with today's line-up...what would you see?

Spamalot is silly fun I'm sure, and that Tony-winning chick is leaving soon, so it's sort of the last chance to see her in her star-making role.

Light in the Piazza looks just lovely.

The Spelling Bee show looks fun.

Doubt is supposed to be great, and I'd love to see Cherry Jones if she's still in it.

I could let fate decide and just show up at TKTS and see what's there. Or I could pick exactly what I want to see and walk up to the box office to pay full price for a single ticket.

Any suggestions?

Piazza is the best thing playing on Broadway today. It's so good that after getting a ticket with a discount in June, I went back in September and payed full price.

Spelling Bee is also loads of fun. If you want to laugh, I'd recommend it over Spamalot (which is pretty hard to get a ticket to anyway).
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