Thursday, September 15, 2005

Foothill auditions this month

No, not for Urinetown, but for A Penny for a Song by John Whiting. A Penny for a Song will be directed by Marcia Frederick and will play in the Foothill College Playhouse (where Sweeney played.)

Audition details
Auditions are at the Playhouse Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, September 27 and 28 from 7-10pm, with callbacks scheduled for Saturday October 1st at 11am.

They are looking for a comic monologue if you have it. The play requires Standard British accents. It would helpful if you show ability for that accent in auditions. No singing required.

Characters: 10 men, 1 boy, 3 women, extras.

Rehearsal and performance details
Rehearsal dates: Rehearsals begin Tuesday, October 4. Rehearsal schedule probably Tues-Fri evenings and Sat. or Sun. afternoon. The show is well balanced among the characters so there will be flexibility in the rehearsal schedule.

Performance dates: Opens Friday, Nov. 4 and plays thru Saturday, Nov.19.

About the play, including which version to read
1804, A country estate in Dorset, England. The play has been described as: "Farce with sudden shafts of poetic melancholy," "Broad comedy mixed with Chekhovian charm," and " a plot centering on the absurdity of war, and the joy of love." I would characterize it as a whimsical anti-war comedy with a range of passionate, eccentric, memorable characters, excellent dialogue and intelligent use of language. The plot centers on an attempt to protect England from an expected invasion by Napoleon.

Where to read the script: There is a copy in Marcia Frederick’s mailbox in the Fine Arts Division Office and another one available under her name at the Foothill College Library. Please do not take either of those copies off campus. The play was originally written in 1951 -- this is the version we will be doing and that is the version available on campus. It was rewritten in 1965. Any copy you purchase now would be the later-rewritten version which has major changes.

More Info
650-949-7414 after August 15 or

Good Luck!

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