Sunday, September 11, 2005

Follow-up on shows who needed cast members

In case you were wondering, both shows that I posted about that were in dire need of additional cast members found the cast members they needed and proceeded as planned.

Aida at the BusBarn Theatre is now playing and boasts a strong principal cast of Foothill alums: Robert Brewer (Younger Brother in 2004's Ragtime) is playing Radames, Jen Oku is playing Aida and Keite Davis (Cunegonde and Johanna among others) is playing Amneris. The show already opened, and plays for Here are the deets. I'm going Thursday night myself. (Review to follow of course.) Don't Jen and Robert look good here?:

PS-Here's the full Aida cast list, chock full of Foothill alum goodness.

Godspell at the Studio Theatre of California also found the men and women they needed for the show to go on. The show opens October 7th. And I note from their cast list some Foothill alums, plus Briga-dude Ian Teter and TJ Paganini, who I know both heard about their casting needs from this blog!!

Check out these Foothill alums out in the world beyonf the Hill!

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