Sunday, September 18, 2005

Digital networking in the theatre world

From the "a little bird told me" department:

So if you clicked over to my review of Aida at BusBarn Theatre you know that I much admired the performance of Aida herself, Jen Oku (Foothill alum.) Today a little bird told me the story of how Jen got hooked up with BusBarn to begin with:

Seems Jen understudied a principal role in this year's winter show, Sweeney Todd. Another cast member was so impressed with the job she was doing singing the role that he brought a digital recorder to rehearsal and recorded her singing a number. I believe his words were "I was blown away."

When Recorder Man heard that BusBarn Artistic Director Barbara Cannon was seeking another female for their production of And the World Goes 'Round he asked Jen if he could send Barb the mp3 files he had recorded. She said "yes" (of course, who wouldn't?) He did so, and as Recorder Man puts it: "the rest is history."

Networking in the digital age :)

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