Friday, September 02, 2005

BTW: Did I mention the Winter Musical?

Can't believe I neglected to post this weeks ago. The Winter Musical at Foothill will be Urinetown!

I'm very excited personally, as I really enjoyed this who when I saw it up at ACT. Dark, sardonic, but full of humor and big musical numbers. It plays on the traditional of musical theatre with out the sense of self-loathing that some musicals of late have indulged in.

Yes, it's true that two other theatres are following FMT's lead and performing Urinetown in 2006, but FMT gets it first! And will do it best. You know, IMHO.

As per usual Jay is holding auditions way before first rehearsals because he does a lot of theatre tours in the late Fall. I believe the auditions are in October.

Stay tuned.

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