Thursday, August 04, 2005

Some Briga-dudes already have future plans

OK, I'm not calling anyone a theatre addict or anything, but let's just say that some folks can't go very long without their performance-fix.

Here are some folks who already have their next gig lined up:

"I was anxious and nervous last week, as I had nothing scheduled past the August 14th, final performance of "Brigadoon". Too bad I didn't remember, "be careful what you ask for from the universe, you just might get it!". I was cast as Mr. Brownlow in WVLO's production of "Oliver", as Baron Elberfeld in SCP's production of "Sound of Music", and as Lt. Munoz in SCP's production of "City of Angels". As "Oliver" and "City of Angels" run the same dates, I had to choose, and I opted for the one where I would get to sing (that is where my heart is): Lt. Munoz in "City of Angels". So, I now have a full plate until right before Thanksgiving and the holidays. - Bill Ereñata

"I will be performing the part of the Pharaoh in Aida at Bus Barn in September. And then in November, I am playing Lieutenant Schrank in West Side Story at American Musical Theatre of San Jose." - Ray Renati

"For the next year, I'm playing the character of "Bo" in "PEACE Signs," a violence prevention program and one of four shows produced by Kaiser Permanente's Educational Theatre Programs. Look for me in elementary schools throughout Northern California." - Sean Fenton

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