Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Nice little piece on Willow Glen-ites

The Willow Glen Times has a nice little article on its two locals in Brigadoon, MIchele Johnston (Fiona) and Brett Carlson (ensemble.)

Michele reports that the article is date-lined on her birthday, August 2nd. Happy belated birthday, Michele!

Michele reports these as the two nicest audience member reviews she has received:

"The most encouraging comments people have made to me after the show were friends and family who said that they forgot it was Michele up on the stage and saw only Fiona. Then, a woman from Scotland said my accent was wonderful...THANK YOU, TOM (our dialect coach)!!! Without him I am afraid Fiona would have sounded like she came from Ireland. :) "

I don't envy them all with the Scottish accents. Accents are funny. You don't always realize how they're connected, and how easy it is to slip from one into another. I once did a monolog in school that was in an uppercrust British accent and one time I actually found myself slipping into a Scarlett O'Hara-type Southern accent. And believe it or not, the two are really closely related!

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