Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Brigadoon Review

Well, I'm a little late to send droves of people to the theatre with my review, given that the show closes today. But I did finally see the show Friday night and have posted my Top 5 Things I Liked About Brigadoon over at my Personal Blog.

Couple of notes on why I do that:

1. Because usually I review earlier in a run, and I don't like to put spoilers here in the show blog.

2. Because some of the actors read this blog, and some of them don't like to see reviews, even good ones.

3. Because that's where I put all my reviews of everything else I read, see or listen to, so that's where Foothill reviews go too.

4. And why "The Top 5 Things I Like"? Well, because let's face it, I'm biased. I work for Foothill Music Theatre; I know the people involved. So I just do my Top 5 list for every theatre I work for and leave it at that.

Today is Closing Day...and Strike. Everyone starts moving on now...and we'll let you know where they're off to nexta s the news comes in.

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