Friday, August 05, 2005

More compliments from the audience

"As a dancer and ensemble member, I don't expect people to remember me specifically as they leave the theater (although one lovely woman told me the funeral dance I did as Maggie was wonderful, I corrected her and told her I would give Alicia (Teeter) the compliment), however, one couple approached me last weekend and told me, "You sparkled up there! You were the happiest person on stage!" What a fabulous comment!" - Esther Selk

And here's an email I received from someone on Foothill's email mailing list. Can I just tell you how rare it is for anyone on an email mailing list, even if they signed up to be on it, to respond? Very, very rare.

But here it is:

"This show was Glorious!! ***** for singers, sets, leads - extremely well done! Much enjoyed, J.O."

And no, J.O. isn't masking curses with all those asterices. That's meant to represent five stars!

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