Tuesday, August 09, 2005

More casting woes; more men needed

Foothill seems to have sucked all the male musical theatre actors into the black hole of Brigadoon never to be seen again for 100 years.

First I got the desperate plea from my friends at STOC to post that they needed people for Godspell (and thanks to those of you who responded.)

Now BusBarn Theatre is having a male emergency.

To quote an email I received this morning:

"Last night during our Aida rehearsal at Busbarn, I found out that three men just dropped out of our show the past 3 days due to external circumstances. We need a Pharoah and an Amonoroso (older men) as well as a couple of male ensemble members. This is our last attempt to ask anyone to spread the word and rally up any men who would be willing to be in our show. The show would run from Sept 9-Oct1 in Los Altos.

PLEASE spread the word for us and keep your fingers crossed.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please have them contact:

Barbara J. Cannon

Can anyone lend a hand? Contact Barbara ASAP!

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