Friday, July 08, 2005

You may have noticed... liberal use of the term "Briga-dude" to describe Sean in the previous post.

Well, apparently it's all Briga- all the time at the Smithwick Theatre.

According to one little bird:

"Briga- is now a prefix. It works for so many things - Instead of Briga-doon, Briga-don't. If someone does something particularly well, that is Briga-brilliant. I have a new one to share with the cast tonight - Briga-dance. And this morning my husband called to tell me he figured out what he is: A Briga-widow, since we're never home together anymore."

Briga-widow? That's Briga-brilliant!

I would just like to say now that I was the one who coined the pre-fix of "briga-" at the beginning of the show... :)
Thank you...

-Steve Edlund
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