Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tyler to the men: How to wear a skirt

Last night was the first night that most men in the cast had ever had to wear a skirt...especially for an extended period of time while performing a variety of physical activities. We chicas are well versed on how to avoid embarrassing ourselves when bending down to pick something up, but men might need a bit of coaching. So that is exactly what choreographer Tyler Risk did:

MEN - welcome to the wonderful world of wearing a skirt. As many of you found out, it can be comfortable, relaxing, and quite revealing. There are ways to sit in a relaxed manner without having to clutch your kilt to your knees like a school girl... I swear, there are!! Angle your body, keep one leg lower than the other so the fabric drapes, stretch your legs straight
and cross them at the ankles... experiment BEFORE you get on stage with ways that will be comfortable and look good! :-)

I'm sorry but I now have a mental image of a bunch of manly Briga-dudes clutching their skirts and giggling like school girls.

And on that note: I do a lot of kneeling on the floor in this show, especially when there's dancing men. I think my characters a little pervy. :/
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