Friday, July 15, 2005

Our own Steve Edlund in the Merc again!

Steve: who is your P.R. agent?

Check out Steve (aka Harry Beaton) in a little San Jose Mercury profile here. [Reg. required, sorry.]

I hope we can keep the papparazzi away, you know?

I must post an apology for this article...when they interviewed me, I mentioned that I was A lead in Brigadoon...but they listed me as THE lead....oy I'm sorry Tim and Michelle! I'm secretly trying to steal your spotlight ;)

-Steve Edlund
Wait, the whole show isn't about Harry Beaton? Now I'm all disillusioned.

In all seriousness, I was just going to post a comment something to the effect of "I'm sure it was the reporter's error, and not Steve's, when she wrote 'the lead'"!

Oh, and congrats, Steve, on being one of the "cool kids." :-)'s odd...this is my second time being one of their "cool kids"...the last was when I was 16. Technically I'm 18 am I REALLY a cool kid?

PS...Mike Rhone is AWESOME...

May I just note now that Mike Rhone is a rock of the ensemble in the cast in every aspect...Yay for Mike!
Steve Edlund, you are too kind! I'm priveleged just to help carry you off stage.
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