Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Our fearless leaders

Most pictures I see of Director Jay Manley or Musical Director Brandon Adams are very serious. Whether focusing intensely on the goings on on stage, or focusing intensely while conferring with other staff members, they are, well, focusing intensely.

Jay, in fact, focuses so intensely that he actually will end up memorizing entire shows by the time you get to the last couple weeks of rehearsal. You can see him watching the action, stroking his chin and mouthing the words along with every single character on stage, male or female, singing or speaking.

BUT, Dee Baily (no 'e') managed to cathc both Jay and Brandon in rare non-serious in case you've never seen a picture of them's your chance. (Oh, and I don't mean those nice, polite smiles you get in formal posed shots...I mean big old friendly smiles!)

Here's Brandon:

And here's Jay:

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