Monday, July 18, 2005

Meet the Last Two Clans: The Douglas and MacLaren Clans

Here is the Douglas Clan, a friendly looking bunch:

That would be: L to R: Ian Teter (standing, glasses); James Thompson, Sean O’Connor (sitting in front; curly blond hair); Jillian Mitchell, Jaime Chew, and Esther Selk (sitting, l to right).

And here is the MacLaren Clan. It was hard to get them all sitting still at one time for the picture. Lisa was always off dancing about as Bonnie Jean and Michele was always off mooning about for Tim in song:

That would be: Standing, L to R: Patrisha Dwyer, John Gaunt, Reggie Reynolds; Sitting, L to R: Ted Hatrak (Patriach of the clan & Mr. MacLaren), Michele Johnston (Fiona) and Lisa Schwebke (Jean).

So now you've seen all the clans "before."

Before getting their tartans on. Should be a colorful (and large) bunch of folks on stage when they're all together for the OPening and the Wedding and the other group scenes!

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