Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Meet the Clans: The Gordons

We decided it would be fun to do some "Before and After" shots of the Clans. You can meet them now in their rehearsal clothes...probably sans make-up and sweaty, and then the magic transformation of theatre happens and we'll show you them again, in full costume and make-up, getting their Scottish on.

Mucho thanks to Dee Baily (no 'e') for taking all of the great pictures you'll see.

We'll start with one of the biggest Clans, the Gordons:

From left to right: Gavin Tanner (the Patriarch); Lauren Mack, Brett Carlson (in front), David Wiesen (in back) and Dee Baily (the matriarch).

The kids clearly inherited their smile from their mother, huh? Dad looks just a bit morose.

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