Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Meet Bonnie Jean: Lisa Schwebke

Lisa plays the sweet little sister of leading lady Fiona and bride of the stalwart (and much-teased) Charlie Dalrymple, Jeannie.

In an odd little twist of fate Lisa was most familiar with Brigadoon because her mentor while a Vocal Performance major at NYU is Meg Bussert, the Tony-nominated Fiona from the 80s revival of Brigadoon. In a random side note, Bussert's co-star in Brigadoon, Martin Vidnovic, was recently in San Francisco, playing the mysterious grizzled bartender in Bebe Neuwirth's star vehicle, Here Lies Jenny.

Anyway, when Lisa told her teacher she was auditioning for Brigadoon while home this summer, Bussert got very excited and surprised Lisa with a stealthily recorded video tape that her brother had taken of the Broadway revival! (Shhhh....don't tell.)

Lisa watched the tape and knew Jeannie was the role for her...and apparently the production team agreed!

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