Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Did I say our first rave review?

I actually meant our second. The first came from Foothill President (and theatre booster) Dr. Bernadine Fong.

There was a big gala on Sunday for Foothill Music Theatre supporters, and Dr. Fong wrote Jay after the event and the show to tell him of the gala attendees ecstatic response to the show:

"Well, another spectacular success. Please pass this note on to Joe and Tyler and the other directors, as well as the cast. The production was superb and everyone at our Gala event was raving about it. [snip] Again, thank you to all for such a wonderful job."

And Bill Ereñata wrote to tell me the reaction of some of the audience members he spoke to was similar to Dr. Fong's:

"For those of you who have already attended Brigadoon, and for those who are slated to see it before it closes, I thought that I would pass Dr. Fong's comment along to you. Her comment came out of this afternoon's gala, which was connected with today's matinee. A group of about 300 were treated to a pre-show discussion of Brigadoon by the director, Jay Manley, and joined the filled house to enjoy the performance. Then they were led to a special glen on campus for a wonderful catered dinner.

But these comments were similarly echoed by those attending the free, final dress rehearsal, and those attending the opening night performance and Saturday night's performance. I certainly hope that those of you who have been thinking about calling for tickets will now be prompted to definitely call. It is a show, not to be missed!

My own private experiences. Some folks attending Saturday night's performance told me that they were so taken that they were coming again on Sunday and bringing their grandchildren and others. Sure enough they were there yesterday.

I appreciate the reviews from the "regular" folk...so what about you/ Seen it yet? Post your review in the comments here.

I just saw Brigadoon tonight and was very impressed! I thought the quality of the music (singing and instrumental), acting, lights, scenary, and sound was exceptional. It really took me into the past 200 years ago and allowed me to forget the "real" world for a little while, one of the many joys of theater. Thank you.
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