Saturday, July 02, 2005

Brigadoon cast seems fixated on ale

First Dee emails me to let me know that Brigadoon is her second chance to be an 18th century Scottish lass in the same year! Dee was also a member of the Lammermoor court in Donizetti's opera, Lucia di Lammermoor, in the West Bay Opera production at the Lucie Stern Theatre in Palo Alto this past February.

Dee notes that while one role was as a well-heeled and sedate member of the Scottish upper classes, in Brigadoon she is a simple villager in Brigadoon. Yet she seem quite happy to note that in both productions as a member of either class, she has gotten "the opportunity to DRINK!"

Then I hear from Jillian the backstory that she and Sean have come up with about their characters:

"We decided one day that our characters are married, because we sell ale together and we also are in the same clan. This story started simple but soon thereafter progressed. So here it day I decided to come to Brigadoon's Fair to sell my ale. It so happens that Sean (a resident of Brigadoon) was also there selling his ale. As I wheeled though the fair, our ale carts bumped into each other by accident and all of my product for that day's sale spilled! Sean then graciouly offered that we could sell his ale together and share the earnings. With his charisma and my, well, let's say huge "ale jugs" (lets keep it clean) we sold a lot more ale as a team. As time progressed, and we wed and merged our ale shops, and I became a Douglas. I then moved to Brigadoon. And we live happily ever after. We have now been wed for 205 years if you count the years we were "asleep".

That's quite a romantic story, but again...all about the drinking.

Does the village of Brigadoon have a rampant alcoholism problem, I wonder?

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