Saturday, July 02, 2005

Appreciating the "hill" in Foothill

So I always joke when talking to a new person in a Foothill show, "What made you want to climb the hill to work at Foothill."

For those of you who haven't been to Foothill, there are basically two ways to get to the theatre.

You certainly can drive around to the back of campus, park and walk a further distance, but one that involves slight rolling hills, not steep staircases. But the most common method, and the most direct is to climb what seems like a fairly endless series of steps up a pretty steep hill.

It's very amusing to climb the hill, huffing and puffing and then try to sing musical warm-ups. But it's also gratifying to notice by the end of the run that the steps hardly affect you at all!

I just checked the Foothill web site looking for a picture of the steps and what a surprise, most pictures of the campus don't highlight the cardio workout you get every time you come to school!

At least two Brigadoon cast members appreciate the work out.

Peggy Lynch, who is in Brigadoon but also a member of the Foothill Conservatory, likes the hike up the hill, calling it "good exercise!" (Of course, she was just a little more motivated to audition for Brigadoon by her recent trip to Scotland and her admiration of the last three musicals Foothill performed than by the hope of a little daily exercise...I guess the climb is just one of the "perks.")

Liz Hodge, the matriarch of the MacGuffie clan also said this was her first musical at Foothill, and she doesn't mind the climb because she "needs the exercise." Liz actually hadn't performed in quite some years, and was inspired to take it up again by watching her daughter start to get into theatre.

Truth be told, my sister got into theatre before I did when we were kids, but I stuck with it more!

So remember, you do have choices: you can park around back and avoid the infamous hill. On Sundays they usually even provide a shuttle bus for senior audience members, so they can avoid the hill. Or, you can skip the gym and take the hill twice...just to give your heart a little work-out.

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