Friday, June 24, 2005

Wax on; Wax off

According to the cast Matt Hutchens who plays Charlie Dalrymple bears an uncanny resemblance to "Johnny" from the movie The Karate Kid. I decided to research this little fact.

Here's Matt:

Here's the guy who plays least I think so. I've never actually seen the movie all the way through. (I know, gasp! shock! Hey, I've never seen Titanic either)

Why does it matter, because the cast has already constructed their own ritual around the fact that Matt looks like this guy. According to my little cast informant:

"At the very end of the movie, Johnny is about to go into the Karate ring with Ralph Machio, and one of the bad guy Cobras says, 'Put him in a body bag, Johnny.' So, in Brigadoon, when Matt, as Charlie, is about to duke it out with Steve, as Harry, there have been whispers of, 'Put him in a body bag, Johnny.' It has become so prevalent during rehearsals, that Cyril brought a special gift for Matt last night - his very own Karate Kid style head band, which Matt wore throughout rehearsal last night. If you listen carefully, you can hear the strains of the Karate Kid theme song being sung..."

OK, cast...someone needs to get me a picture of Matt in that headband!!!

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