Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Men in kilts in Campbell!

Man, why don't I remember to carry around my digital camera at all times? And no, don't tell me to use my crappy cellphone camera. If I ever take a shot that actually comes out and displays something recognizable that'll be the day!

Anyway, I was innocently driving home from getting my hair done on Saturday ( got some nice red highlights to look more Scottish, don't you know) and what should I see walking down Hamilton Avenue? Men in kilts. A bunch of them

Why, you may ask?

Or maybe not, maybe you are already aware that last weekend was the Campbell Highland Games.

And their home page is full of Brigadoon rferences. No, not our show, even though we were an advertiser at the Games. Just the concept of Brigadoon

And in a little bit of small world coincidence, the Chieftain of these games is someone who I went to college with some (cough, cough) 20 years ago! Yikes! See, she was a fellow theatre major...which explains the Brigadoon references I guess.

So, did any one out there go to the Games?

Five of the cast members (Michelle Johnston, Karen DeHart, Matthew Brandon Hutchens, Robyn Winslow, and myself) did a couple of teaser shows at the Campbell Games. We sang "Go Home With Bonnie Jean", "The Heather on the Hill", and "My Mother's Wedding Day", and then handed out flyers for the show. It went quite well, if I do say so myself, and it seems like we drummed up a lot of interest. And yes, we were in costume, and Matt and I walked through downtown Campbell in kilts. It was a breezy day, but I think we avoided flashing anyone.
Along the same train of thought, I was at Safeway the other morning at around 8 A.M. doing my househusband grocery shopping duties, when I witnessed my first "hip hop" type guy sporting a kilt. It was a Black Utili-Kilt(https://secure.utilikilts.com/
catalog-workman-index.htm) that he was wearing low, like a rap artist. You know, slung low down his waste, which always causes me to have the involuntary response of rushing over to tell the poor guy his pants are falling down. But, anyway, I saw this, and it is regretably an image that has stayed with me now for over a week.
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