Monday, June 27, 2005

Meet our Fiona: Michele Johnson

You remember Michele from this lovely photo, right?

Anyway, this is Michele's second go-round with Brigadoon and after hearing her story about the last production, I'm hoping this one goes a lot smoother.

Michele understudied both Fiona and Jeannie in Saratoga Drama Group's production a few years ago. Now she got to be Fiona at every Thursday night show.

But according to Michele it was every understudy's dream show because there were so many mishaps! I remember talking to our Tonny, Tim Reynods, and he mentioned this same production because he got to go on as Charlie one weekend and as Tommy another weekend! And apparently one night their Harry got into a car accident and a cast member had to jump in with no notice at all.

According to Michele there was only one performance where the entire actual cast was on stage all on the same night! Scary.

That's perhaps a little too much "keeping it fresh"-ness for my taste.

The only show I was ever in at Foothill that had some similar issues was Little Night Music. First the tenor in our Quintet had an accident and hurt his ankle, so intrepid musical director, the dear Philip Garay, stepped in for the run. The on Closing Day yet another Quintet member fell ill before the show and had to go to the hospital. The Quintet became a Quartet for the final performance.

But I digress.

Michele is back to playing one of her favorite roles, Fiona, and I hope for all our sakes that she and Tim didn't bring SDG's "luck' with them from their last production of Brigadoon

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