Saturday, June 25, 2005

Meet dancer Esther Selk

Esther wasn't familiar with Brigadoon at all when she got cast, but within just a few days the movie was showing on TCM. Quite the coinky-dink.

(Oh, and did everyone hear that Hillbarn is doing Brigadoon in their upcoming season?! When it rains Scottish Villages it pours I guess.)

Anyway, Esther tried out for Brigadoon in the first place because she heard they were seeking dancers, and she considers herself far more of a dancer than singer. To be honest, Esther says, "Well, I enjoy singing, but others may not enjoy hearing me sing!" But she is learning a lot about music, harmony and listening.

Esther considers herself the "name guru." You may think what's the big deal about learning everyone's name, but when there are around 50 cast members it does take a while.

I was watching a portion of a video of a show I did at Foothill in 1994 the other day. No, I don't sit around and watch myself on video to pass the time. I saw Bebe Neuwirth's Kurt Weill song, and she sang a song that they added for me when we did Threepenny Opera, but Neuwirth sang a different lyric than I remembered, so I watched it to remember what lyric I sang.

Anyway, my point, and I do have one, is that I saw myself up there with people on stage, and I was very bumeed to realize I no longer remembered everyone's name. It is both the joy and tragedy of doing Esther puts it: "My favorite part of the whole experience is the PEOPLE, they are talented, fun, interesting, entertaining, yet also professional. I am truly enjoying getting to know everyone." But on the other side of the coin, the show closes; folks move on, and 11 years later you're feeling old because you can't remember all the names.


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