Monday, June 20, 2005

Knowing Brigadoon since childhood!

Turns out two different ensemble members have known about Brigadoon since childhood, but this is their first opportunity to be in the show.

Sean Patrick O'Connor played Tobias in Sweeney Todd earlier this year and had such an amazing experience that I knew he wanted to get back to Foothill and fast.

According to Sean, "just working with such a talented artistic team made me want to be a part of this show."

But even if Sean's Sweeney would have been enough, turns out he first heard about Brigadoon when he was but 8 years old appearing in his first ever show, a Center Rep production of Macbeth. [How's that for a first theatre experience...and for an 8-year old!]

Perhaps executing some very night and day Scottish theme, a production of Brigadoon was being performed in the same building at the same time. So he got to know their cast too and hear all about the show. His favorite part about actually doing Brigadoon? "The score is beautiful. They don't write 'em like this anymore!"

Then there's Kimberly Wong, who has seen the movie because her aunt is a big fan of it. This is Kimberly's first experience with the stage version (and you know how different 40s/50s movie musicals were from their Broadway counterparts.)

But as long as the stage version only provides more beautiful Lerner & Loewe music and more dancing than the movie...then no one's going to complain!

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