Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Foothill veteran has another shot at Brigadoon

John Musgrave has been around the Foothill scene for a long time. Brigadoon is his 7th musical at Foothill, a run he kicked off in 1993 playing Colonel Pickering in My Fair Lady.

His last Foothill performance was as Arvide in 2003's Guys & Dolls...and ironically Jay came up with the idea of having Arvide be Scottish, so John has a little practice at the accent.

According to John his memories of liking Brigadoon date back a bit further than most of the cast members:

"Since I am an "older" cast member my Brigadoon phonograph experience is from my own record collection and not my parents'. Back in the 5os I bought an LP recording of selections from Brigadoon sung by Robert Merrill, Jan Peerce and Jane Powell and I immediately fell in love with the music. Although I enjoyed the MGM movie, it has too many changes from the stage play and is much inferior to the original."

16 years ago John was in the ensemble of another production of Brigadoon, this time around he's playing Mr. Lundie. HIs goal is "to make Mr. Lundie an interesting and entertaining character and not the boring old geezer that one usually sees. With the help of Jay and a very talented group of colleagues, I hope I can pull it off."

Since I remember his past performances at Foothill, I'm betting he can!

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