Thursday, June 23, 2005

The Clans exhibit competitive spirit

I guess the competition is on to prove each Clan is the best. (No, I'm not clear on the criteria either.)

Anyway, ensemble member Sean Fenton makes the case for the MacGuffie Clan.

They are, in his words, "by far the best...because we're all international and stuff. We may be Scottish, but we also have an Australian patriarch and two adopted kids from Asia (Kimberly and me.) How could any other clan possibly beat that?"

I don't know, that sounds like a challenge to me! Let's hear from the other clans.

(And yes, non-theatre'y people do get all into this kind of stuff...keeps it fun and interesting even when you're in hour 3 of rehearsing a tedious group scene, and your director is putting 50 people in stage pictures, and adjusting it inches at at time!)

We totally beat you Sean, My Clan has Asian Children, White Children and Black Children...Beat that. As is the douglas clan motto "Never behind" We win ha ha
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