Monday, June 27, 2005

But the MacGuffie clan takes in orphans!

Or that's the story Michael Rhone and the rest of his clan have concocted.

Let me back up and introduce you to Mike.

Mike is an ensemble soloist and was only vaguely familiar with Brigadoon before he got cast in the show. He was familiar with a couple of the ballads from the show, having learned them with his voice teacher. MIke even uses "There But For You Go I" for auditions.

It really didn't matter what show Foothill did this summer, Mike was going to audition. It was just bonus that he already knew and loved some of the music. Mike is another one who was motivated to audition after being an audience member for several years.

Anyway, back to the kindly, charitable MacGuffie clan. Here's how Mike and his clan have figured it:

"I'm in the MacGuffie clan. Angus, our patriarch, is roughly the same age as me, so clearly he's not my father. Plus, a solo I have in "Down on MacConnachy Square" identifies my character as Sandy Dean (not MacGuffie). So we decided that my mother was a MacGuffie, Angus's older sister. Tragically, both my parents died years ago, and the MacGuffie clan took me in. They're kind that way."

Sounds liek the MacGuffie clan deserves and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition doesn't it? (Am I the only one that watches that with tears in my eyes every week?)

Woohoo, made the blog!

Re-reading my comments, I realized that the solo doesn't identify me as Sandy Dean, just Sandy. The last name is only mentioned in the cast of character listing in the script. So depending on how our program lists the characters (and if Sandy even rates a mention, which I doubt), the audience may never know my rich, rich backstory. ;-)

That is, if not for this blog!

Oh, and MacGuffies rule.
Regardless, we all love your backstory, Uncle Mike (aka "McFlurry MacGuffie").

Love, your adoptive Pan-Asian-Caucasian nephew, Sean (aka "McMuffin MacGuffie")
Hi, my name is Alain MACGUFFIE and i would like to know more about what i would call "MY CLAN" if u can tell me.

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