Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tony Awards announced

I'll let Blogway Baby do the honors.

I have now officially been absent from New York for so long that I have not seen a single nominated show. And there's no way I'll make it there before the Awards ceremony.

So, I have officially have no opinion whatsoever. And oyu know that's gotta be hard for me!

I will say I love, love LOVE Joanna Gleason and Mary Louis Parker, therefore they should win.

SAME HERE! I went to NY 3 times last year and knew all the nominate shows inside and out! But this year...nothing. Though based on reviews and stuff, you can kind of predict a lot of categories...but musical/score/book...to me that's up in the air...

Did you predict how the Tony's would turn out last time? Were you happy with all the winners?

Brigadoon rehearsals start May 31! We have a photo shoot next week too...so exciting! if you want, I can e-mail you a complete cast list as it is now.

As always, I am your dedicated Blog reader...

-Steve Edlund
To be honest, I was a huge Avenue Q proponent, but I honestly did not predict it would take the big award.

I thought there was more real heart in those puppets and "silly" songs than in most of the big production shows I saw.

Yeah, email me the cast list. I've posted some of the cast, but not everyone.
I e-mailed you the cast list a few days ago...did you get it?

-Steve Edlund
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