Thursday, May 26, 2005

Our Frequent Commenter (and Harry Beaton) wins award

Perhaps you've seen Steve Edlund comment often on this blog. And you may know he's playing Harry Beaton in Brigadoon, but I'm sure he's too modest to tell you that he just won a wonderful award.

Each year for the last 11 years AMT SJ has sponsored the High School Music Theatre HONORS Awards, recognizing the best in local high school musical theatre.

Steve won for Best Male Performer, in his role as Stone in Los Gatos High School's production of City of Angels.

He'll receive a scholarship to AMTSJ's 9-week professional training program.

Congratulations Steve!

Awww thank you SO much! It was an incredible night! The schools were absolutely spectacular in their performances! I was very lucky that my school also got nominated, so we got to perform. We performed the duet "You're nothing without me" which made me ecstatic! It's my favorite number in the show.

The whole night was so surreal and I am so flattered. Blah blah. Thank you so much for posting this :)

Also, Brigadoon photo shoot tomorrow! YAY! So excited! Rehearsals start on Tuesday!

-Steve Edlund
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