Thursday, May 19, 2005

Foothill folks out in the world

Couple more shows coming up featuring Foothill folks.

Robyn Winslow is one of the 5 women featured in the City Lights production of A...My Name is Alice

The show opens tonight! And has a nice long run through June 26th.

So Robyn is another one who likes to keep busy, given that she's also in the ensemble of Brigadoon!

Then fellow Candide sheep Lyndsay Faye is starring in CMT's Marquee production of Chess as Florence.

That plays this weekend only, so you don't have much of a chance to catch Lyndsay in action.

I'm sure Lyndsay and Robyn are so glad that they will never escape their sheep-ness...they were, if you recall, one of my Top 5 things about Candide!

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