Friday, May 20, 2005

Foothill alum reviews Foothill alum

Bill Erenata snet out this review of one of the shows I mentioned yesterday, A...My Name is Alice at City lights:

"I attended the first public preview of City Light's production of "A...My Name is Alice" this evening and want to bring this production to your attention. A colleague, Robyn Winslow, is in the cast, and I have been to other City Light's productions, and am always impressed with their quality. I would like to recommend this to you. It runs May 19th through June 26th, and was conceived by Joan Micklin Silver & Julianne Boyd. It is described as "a sophisticated and bawdy anthem to the power of women everywhere that the New York Post calls "a boodle of laughs" this bluesy, jazzy, award-winning musical review is a celebration of self-discovery and empowerment for all to enjoy". The Director, Lisa Mallette, writes : we are women. We are daughters and mothers and grandmas and aunts, wives and lovers, sisters and friends. We laugh. We cry. We nurture and support. We are quiet and coy. We are strong and bold. We are insecure and we are "hot". We are sexy AND play sports. We keep secrets and we tell it like it is. We are confident and smart and still need our moms. We are resilient and resourceful and still like to be spoiled. We are communicative and open and need to be heard. We are good listeners and we ALWAYS have something to say. What is most important: We have a sense of humor about ourselves!

For those of you who have seen Robyn perform in other things, you will gain some added insights into her blossoming potential. She and the other four women making up the cast will take you on a non-stop romp.

If you are going to see it check out San Jose's, and if you are not currently registered, do so, so that you too can receive the weekly half price announcements of the theater opportunities in the San Jose area. Their May 19th bulletin contained discount information on next weeks performance of "A...My Name is Alice".

Treat yourself to an evening of enjoyment: See this!

Thanks BIll!
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