Thursday, April 21, 2005

My review of "Tapestry"...loved the performers anyway :)

So a commenter said I should write a mini-review of Tapestry over at AMTSJ, and I already have published my review over at my Personal Blog.

I didn't immediately post it here because I felt a little bad. I really liked the performers and really did not like a lot of the directorial decisions.

So, I know it comes across as a pretty bad review.

So, let me repeat again: I really liked most of the performers, including James.

Here's the review. Might want to wear your safety glasses.

Am I the only one who posts comments? Hahaha...are you going to continue this for Brigadoon or are you passing it off to someone else? I ended up not seeing tapestry after reading your review...I watched them rehearse the 60s medly and a few other songs, so I felt pretty content... James has been pre-cast as the Lion in the Wizard of Oz at AMT...very exciting.

-Steve Edlund
Yeah, people are shy...strange for a bunch of performers and theatrre-going folks, huh?

I'm sure I'll keep doing active it is will depend on Jay :)

Thanks for the news about James and Wizard of Oz...perfect, huh?
I think so too! I talked with Bob Bones the production manager and he said that Tim Bair was also bringing in two close friends to play the witches. First time in a while where I've seen AMT pre-cast...

And if Jay doesn't update you, I'll be happy to throw in whatever I can about Brigadoon!

oh and have you seen Lennon in SF? Very interesting...amazing performers, interesting concept in having them all play John Lennon, but the story seems like such a short synopsis of his life. Wish they had expanded more. But for paying $25 at the door for front row was WELL worth. Beautiful ending as well. It's worth seeing just for the new concepts despite the fact that the show is rather disjointed... Well, for being a jukebox musical, it has a helluva lot more storyline than tapestry ;) ...

-Steve Edlund
I haven't seen it. Was never a huge Lennon fan...I know, I know, that makes me a heathen.
No worries. I'm not a big Lennon man myself. I've always liked the song imagine, but I guess I just didnt grow up in the right era to appreciate him. I think a lot of people were a lil disappointed cuz there wasn't much Beatles in the show. Only a handful of familiar songs out of the 30 in it.

I'm ecstatic for the revival of A Chorus Line previewing in SF next summer. It's gonna be awesome.

Hey, I know they recorded the recent revival of Pacific Overtures on Broadway and were going to start selling the DVD, do you know if they have yet?

lalala lovin Sondheim

-Steve Edlund
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