Wednesday, April 13, 2005

James Iglehart's current production at AMT

I'm looking forward to seeing James this Sunday night in Tapestry at AMT in San Jose.

He's one of six singers, all local, in the show. I know the cast also includes Molly Bell, Annemarie Martin and more.

It's completely lame, though, that the AMT web site has all pictures from some other theatre's production. Couldn't they at least throw up the pictures of their cast members, like they are in the newspaper ads?

While I myself have not minded that AMT brings in more tours now, their general audience begs to differ. Their general audience likes to see local and familiar talent. That is why they are making some changes for the coming season, right?

Their web site acts like we're going to care about this production in, where is it, Phoenix? And doesn't even give us a clue as to who the "terrific" six singers in the show are.

Bad marketers, bad!

I'm very interested in what you think about the should write a mini-review. I had to give up my tickets because I was busy, but I'm very interested in what people think about it. I did see Lennon in SF last week. Very interesting. Some very creative ideas.

-Steve Edlund
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