Sunday, April 03, 2005

Full Brigadoon casting info

Thanks to impending Harry Beaton, Steve Edlund, for providing the hotline number that I didn't have:


If you call that number you can listen to the entire cast of Brigadoon. Lots of new names for me...although some Foothill stalwarts, like Bill Erenata, Beverly Hansberry, Robyn Winslow and others are definitely involved.

I hope Steve enjoys playing one of musical theatre's "angry, young, dancing men"! Harry Beaton seems like a sort of precursor to the youthful, masculine, aggressive dancing later seen in West Side Story.

As I shuffle through my memories of golden era musical theatre it seems to me that emotional expression through dance was reserved for either dainty female characters, or perhaps romantic characters. If I think of the great anti-heroes or even antagonists, like Jud Fry, Billy Bigelow, etc., they're not the dancing type.

Harry Beaton is, and later the Jets and the Sharks aren't so different.

And there is my 2-minute, 10-cent theatrical analysis for the day.

That's awesome! Truly, I'm stoked to play this part! Tyler and I have already become great friends (I just discovered she's in my dance class at Marie Stinnett!). The production promises to be really great. (From what I've been told) They tried to cast the show with completely non-equity actors but they broke down when choosing their Charlie Dalrymple (Matt Hutchens). But, from what Tyler tells me, having Matt is going to be wonderful because he's a phenomenal dancer (really, Ive seen him) thus Charlie will now have dancing components to his character (instead of just being a singing character). I believe the "Come to me, bend to me" ballet is now going to be a Pas de Deux between him and Jean. Should be great.

-Steve Edlund
That does sound cool.

As an Equity actor I kind of hate to hear that phrase: "broke down" to describe deciding to hire one!

And I used to take atr Marie Stinnett's too, back in my younger dancier days :)
Yay Brigadoon!
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