Friday, April 01, 2005

Brigadoon Casting News

I sang in a cabaret evening last night with Tim Reynolds, and he filled me in on a little bit of the casting from Brigadoon:

Tim himself is playing the romantic lead, Tommy. He told me a great story about his previous experience with the show:

Some years back Saratoga Drama Group did the show and knew that their Charlie Dalrymple couldn't perform on Opening Weekend. They called up Tim and asked if he would understudy the role and perform Charlie that opening weekend. And he did. Then he went home and forgot all about Brigadoon...until he got a call weeks later on the Friday afternoon of the show's Closing Weekend.

The Tommy had fallen ill and they asked if Tim could step in and do the role. "With a script" he volunteered. And so they brought him in, gave him his pages, his blocking and ran through as much as they could. He went on and performed the role for the next couple of eprformances, script in hand.

I think that defines "trouper."

Tim also filled me in on the following casting:

Karen DeHart (Adelaide from Guys & Dolls a couple of years back) is playing lusty, busty Meg.

Ray Renati (in both Ragtime and Sweeney in the last year) is playing comic sidekick (and the object of Meg's affection) Jeff.

I don't think I know the woman playing Fiona, Her name, according to Tim is Michelle Johnstone, not to be confused with Michelle Johnson who was in Sweeney.

I'll update you if I get more info.

(Somehow the old hotline numbers aren't working for me...anyone know the new number?)

Hey! My name is Steve Edlund and I'm playing Harry Beaton. The phone number for the Foothill casting hotline is 650-949-7268.
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