Monday, March 21, 2005

I've been terribly remiss...

So, you may (or may not) have notice my little FMT blogging hiatus over the last 10 days.

I've been busy, busy, but really no excuses.

Anyhoo, Sweeney closed on the 12th, and I just discovered yet another person working on the show has a blog. Check this out and hear about how an unrehearsed understudy had to go on for a principal role (and only found out 1 hour before curtain.)

Sweeney closed on an up note, unplanned substitutions nonetheless, with sold-out houses and rave reviews.

But Foothill Music Theatre has already moved on to the summer show Brigadoon.

Auditions were held, and callbacks. Now it's all over but the waiting...for the cast list announcement.

I'll keep you posted.

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